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For anyone out there encounters the same problem with PT 10HD, we figured out that there is possibly a driver that once was included in PT 9HD (and prior releases) that's not included in PT 10HD at the moment. My OS (Windows7) had gotten corrupt beyond my knowledge or repair so I did a complete reinstall of  Windows7 which in turn I had to reinstall all of my once functioning programs. Of course since PT 10HD is the sh*t, I didn't install PT 9HD than install PT 10HD (as I had done with my previous working Windows7 rig) I went straight to PT 10HD. That's when the problem started and Mr. Dan Gillespie was able to recreate the problem at Eventide. The work around for me was simple since I have a valid PT 9HD license in my iLok account, uninstall PT 10HD first, install PT 9HD than reinstall PT 10HD. After this my system was up and running  with my H3000 Factory again. Mr. Gillespie at Eventide said their working on a permanent solution, but it'll probably require some assistance from Avid as well, but this is the present workaround.