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1.) If you initialize the TimeFactor after v3.5 is loaded then you will see Dave Kilminster's The Wall Presets. Warning: Initializing will erase all user-created Presets and settings so you may want to back up any presets you have made before doing this-

To Initialize, plug in the power cable while simultaneously holding down the Middle Footswitch AND the Encoder knob button for a few seconds.

2.) If you want to repeats to ring out, use a Bypass option called "DSP+FX." This is found in System Mode/ BYPASS. If you bypass TimeFactor using an audio loop switcher then you won't be able to take advantage of DSP+FX.  Killdry is a little different. Killdry simply removes all dry sound from TimeFactor's outputs. This is useful if you're using TimeFactor in an amp's parallel effects loop, where the effects are mixed with the dry sound by the amp.

3. To upload your sounds, compose a post and the click the "Options" tab. You will see "File Attachment." There you can upload a file. Make sure it is zipped before uploading.