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Ok thanks man i appreciate this.  I have gotten number 1 and 2 done. 

If i may dive further in. 

I am using the voodoo labs gcx/gcp (hope you may have knowledge on this).

I usually use my delay on loop 6.  So is there a way to turn the preset off via the loop 6 button so the delays repeat (i know the loop is essentially on so i'll be running dsp+fx).  i only want this for one or two presets.

and as far as number 3- maybe i did not look far enough into the forms to view others presets? 

i didn't see much.


btw this pedal is great i only see one minor issue that may be fixable, where would i send a request?  basically using the effect the tone is great but there is a small bit of low end (approx 200hz area that disappears when the unit is on.  for instance i have an mxr chorus i use on one of my heads to thicken spots up but i would rather go with the TF, i made a nice patch but the low end is slightly less than the head dry or with the mxr chorus.