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Well, MIDI Channel selection wouldn't be an issue for MIDI Clock.   I hate to say this, but I see no MIDI Clock support listed for the A190-2 (either at this link, or found in the more in-depth manual).  Now, the A190(1) certainly seems to translate MIDI Clock into a 5V gate signal (link, and manual).  I hope that I'm missing something here, Alwaysnew.

You could test your connections by setting the PF to MIDI: CTRL XMT=ON.  Moving a knob after putting the A-190-2 into Learn mode should give you a variable voltage out of the CV4 jack.  Again, this will simply test if your PitchFactor is transmitting something, and your Doepfler module is receiving it.

Note that PF has no reason to send MIDI start or stop signals.

… but it sure would be cool if the RESTART flex/function/footswitch in the HarPeggiator mode could XMT/RCV a Start message, Nick.  Wink