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dave b

Hello All,

I've been a Timefactor owner since they first came out and have been creating delay settings of my favorite artists including Johnny A, Edge, Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, and more. The presets shared by Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Kilminster inspired me to share my own work.

Eventide, your product is wonderful but you're factory preset are weak at best. There are maybe three or four I'd actually consider using which is why I had to create my own. When I first tried the Dave Kilminster presets my ears went Ahhhhh! You can tell these presets were created for and used by working musicians. (The guy who made the Andy Timmons setting did a good job too)

Alot of research and tweaking went into creating my presets. There's alot of info about the Edge delay settings on the web but no one using a Timefactor to create them so I put together my favorites. The Johnny A setting were a challenge since his delay settings are so complex but I think I got pretty close.

The Excel spreedsheet I used to create the setting lists also has other notes about using the Timefactor and delay settings that I think you'll find interesting and useful. You may want to adjust the wet/dry mix to fit your own style and equipment.

Hope you enjoy…

Dave B