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Smallest and amazingly flexible = LiquidFoot + JR+

It's what I use to control a TimeFactor, PitchFactor, Space, Egnater M4, RM4, RT2/50, 2 GRX4s and GLAB 2xLoop. A switch can have two functions assigned or a preset / IA switch can have up to 4 steps assigned. So even though there are only 8 switches on the JR+ it's more like having 32. Plus there are 4 expression pedal outputs that can be configured as expression or stomp switches. It also has a command that allows you to change which device an expression pedal is controlling.

You also can configure multiple page layouts so you could have one for your presets and one for controlling specific parameters on a device. For example a page layout dedicated to just the looper on the TimeFactor.

I am just scratching the surface of possibilities with the this incredible controller with a very small footprint.