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The Behringer controller has a custom chip that recognizes all the functions on the Adrenalinn. Not sure if I need to appeal to the Adrenalin… or the Behringer controller.

If that chip is the EurekaPROM, then it's set to the same CC numbers as the default (or re-initialized) CC numbers in the ADR III's System Settings.  See page 66 in the paper manual, or have a look at this link.

It might be easier to start with these default CC numbers on the Behringer end, and just match the TimeFactor's CC numbers [System –> MIDI –> RCV CTL] to what the FCB-1010 is sending.  Added Plus:  The TimeFactor can "learn" whatever message the FCB-1010 is transmitting, and lock it in to whatever parameter knob that you choose.