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      I recently purchased a new Time Factor delay pedal from Guitar Center.

      I have been using an Adrenalinn 3 pedal for all my amp simulators, delays, and Mod effects, along with the Behringer FCB101 midi controller. The Behringer has preset pedals and 2 separate pedals for Volume and Expression. I can configure the Adrenalinn 3 within itself,  to work with those pedals.

      I was wondering… is there a simple midi "set up" that you can instruct me on how to do… that would react as a shadow to the Adrenalinn, that is currently working well between the Behringer controller and that pedal? Meaning that I could remain using my expression pedals as they are with the Adrenalinn… but instead of using the delay within the Adrenalinn, (…delay turned off), I would like to use my Time factor with the same Vol. and Exp. pedals.

      I'm also needing the first 9 presets on the Adrenalinn, synced to the first 9 presets on the banks of the Time Factor? When I select preset 1, 2,3, etc… on the Adrenalin, can I have the same on the Time factor… 1,2,3 etc… appear?

      I was hoping that there would be a simple way to sync the devices together… that I could have Voume, Expression, Tap and Presets work from the same midi source… the Adrenalinn pedal or the  Behringer FCB1010 controller)?

      One more wrench into this is… The Behringer controller has a custom chip that recognizes all the functions on the Adrenalinn. Not sure if I need to appeal to the Adrenalin… or the Behringer controller.

      I would think… what ever is good for the Adrenalinn and Behringer, should be good for the Time factor? Sorry, it's complicated, I know.

      Thanks so much.

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      TimeFactor has extensive MIDI features which should allow you to do what you are asking about.

      can assign MIDI continuous controllers to alter Expression Pedal
      values and knob parameter values. These are set in the RCV Control menu
      of the MIDI section in System Mode. 

      To link up Presets to your MIDI controller you can change the RCV MAP so that specific Program Change numbers will call up the Presets that you wish.

      Do you know which MIDI Continuous Contollers are being sent by the Adrenalinn?

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      The Behringer controller has a custom chip that recognizes all the functions on the Adrenalinn. Not sure if I need to appeal to the Adrenalin… or the Behringer controller.

      If that chip is the EurekaPROM, then it's set to the same CC numbers as the default (or re-initialized) CC numbers in the ADR III's System Settings.  See page 66 in the paper manual, or have a look at this link.

      It might be easier to start with these default CC numbers on the Behringer end, and just match the TimeFactor's CC numbers [System –> MIDI –> RCV CTL] to what the FCB-1010 is sending.  Added Plus:  The TimeFactor can "learn" whatever message the FCB-1010 is transmitting, and lock it in to whatever parameter knob that you choose.

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      I don't… but I will find out! Thanks again!

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      Cool! I will need to take on a little "learning curve", regarding those areas of midi that you tried to explain. I think you are right, to start with what messages that the Behringer is sending out, first. Forgive my lack of "midi knowledge". Thanks so much for this info. I have my work cut out for me, in days ahead! LOl!

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      After 2 weeks of trial and error, and much help from this forum… this is what is finally working well for me. Hope someone else can benefit from it, too. Good luck!

      My Midi Layout for:

      FCB1010 Controller > Time Factor (w/Tap) > Adrenailinn 3 > FCB1010 Controller.
      Controller sends midi CC Message numbers from foot presets, to Time Factor "Banks".

      Adrenalin: Midi ch 1.
      Sync: "IN"

      Time Factor _ Midi settings:

      RCV CH; Omni
      XMT CH; 1
      RCV CTL; default set
      XMT CC; default set

      RCV Map (Banks);
      0= 1:1
      1= 1:1
      2= 1:2
      3= 2:1
      4= 2:2
      5= 3:1
      6= 3:2
      etc, etc…

      XMT Map; Set desired TF BANK to desired AD Preset;

      My setup:
      TF    AD
      1.1 > 1
      1.2 > 2
      2.1 > 3
      2.2 > 4
      3.1 > 5
      3.2 > 6
      4.1 > 7
      4.2 > 8
      5.1 > 9
      5.2 > 0

      6.1 > 10
      6.2 > 11

      CTL XMT; OFF
      PGM XMT; OFF ("ON" w/o controller). TF "BANK preset" sends midi to AD for preset change.
      SYS ID; 1
      OUTPUT; Thru ("XMT" w/o controller)
      CLK in; OFF
      CLK out; ON (sending Sync)
      CLK FLT; default set

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