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Actually….scratch that, no headway being made…..I can't get my head around it. Have tried setting up a bypass and that doesn't work either, maybe one of you guys can spot a hole in my methodology though….

Go to Space, set up RCV CTL on Bypass and set that to C1. Hit learn and then leave system mode.

Go to Musicom go to Loop 1 and program CC1 to be sent on C1 and then set value to 127. Hit Mode to exit that and then fire up the patch keeping an eye on the bypass to click in and ….nothing. Have also tried transmitting a value of Non and 50 60 and 70 and gotten the same.

Also tried to set up the Expression Pedal on C16, set the Space on PDL to Channel 16 hit learn leave system mode etc and set value at 127, no dice at all. Equally tried the above with the Pitch factor I have too and gotten no further.

The expression pedal is the M-Audio EXP plugged into the EXP in on the Musicom Efx2….Once again any help would be great. I have read every single forum conversation on this and cannot find anything that deals with this specifically and to be honest I have hit a brick wall with the thing..