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Hi Russel,

Thank you again for your attention in trying to figure this out.  I walked through your questions best I could below, please let me know of anything else I can do to help correct.

1) Confirmed I am running version 4.0.0 6 (without the devil Devil)

2) I can confirm it happens on all presets, usually noticed 90% of the time.  I can also confirm it happens when the same preset is pulled up.  I notice it most on presets 3 & 4 (plate and spring) due to the fact that I use them most often, and am typically playing guitar while conducting preset changes (going from a clean channel to a lead tone, often with the same Space preset selected on both).

3) I have removed the TimeLine from the line mixer to test, and can confirm the Space produces the same error.  Additionally, when I leave the Space loop "on" in my rack looper, but remove the MIDI plug from the Space, the error does not happen.  Granted I don't change Space presets, but everything else in my rig switiches over as designed without phase issues while the Space is feeding its signal in the mix.  I am certain it is the Space + MIDI patch changes that prompt the error to happen.

I pull up patch changes on the Space via MIDI program changes.  I tested it with three different MIDI controllers to ensure it wasn't a controller hardware glitch, and the error happened with all.  I do not use MIDI for any other functions with the Space other than patch changes.

Please let me know if this helps, and whataver else I can do to help correct.  You might also want to reach out to some of the other forum members who have the same somewhat common setup (Space run in parallel with KillDry on) who have reported the same issues.