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Imho, before anything else, a decent looper needs to have FEEDBACK (or DECAY or whatever you want to call it), controlable either via Exp.Pedal or by two preset levels between which you can toggle (like: 100% – 70%). Without the possibility to let looped material (slowly) decay while you either just play or overdub new material, a looping device is pretty useless and un-musical to me.

+1 for MULTIPLY as written above.

UNDO – yes, but MORE than last overdub…all the way back to the first loop

Looptime should be at least 1 minute (please,…the EDP had 200sec mono @ 16/44.1 with only 16mb of RAM!)

Real time pitch shift and time stretch

at least 2 parallel stereo tracks (with the option to work independently or synced

for now… 😉