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Funny thing for me is: I'd really like to see something totally backwards (especially considering this is the Stompbox forum Wink ) – rack-mounted versions of Space and PitchFactor, which would continue in the piecemeal/ala carte concept the Factor pedals offer for effects that you actually need…but in a rackmounted form, as opposed to something more "all in one" like Eclipse (and would in theory, I'd hope, also be more affordable). 

This would be great for those of us using hybrid pedal/rack systems and would love to have the awesomeness of the sounds from our pedals like Space and PitchFactory also inline within the chain of various rack effects we might have as well.

For example, if you have a great rackmounted guitar processing unit of some kind – say, a SansAmp PSA or RBI – and you'd like to take that "completed" guitar or bass tone and THEN send it through the killer reverbs in Space…you could do so, and without having to use the rack unit's effects loop out to your pedal version of Space and back (assuming it even has a loop to do so). Or for more flexibility (for weirdos like me who love to really pile 'em on), you'd then be able to send signals processed earlier by your Space or PF in your pedalboard, and then hit it again later on within your rack's effect chain. Smile