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I would really hope for some more updates to the Factor series.  It seems as if many people are very happy with the algorithm updates in the TF.  I would really hope for the same, in particular for the MF and PF.  Strangely, I'm barely using the MF for its most traditional modulation effects (can't get the phaser happening) and have instead used it as a programmable gate/overdrive/volume pedal.  I really like it in this capacity, and just wish I could get more out of other settings.  And while I find the PF's portamento to be an interesting and useful timbre in itself, it too is being surpassed in terms of pitchshifting quality.

At the risk of being "that guy" I would hope you could head off brand defectors enticed by another company's recently announced modulation pedal.  I most likely would have kept my TF and not gone to the other Time**** box if the algorithms were comparable at the time.  (To be honest the unnamed modulation pedal doesn't sound that remarkable that I will switch, but just saying…)

In the long run, I've been happy with the MF and PF and doubt I will get rid of either.  But some encouraging words about updates.