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mr. limbic

SO, I fixed the problem. If you want to let the other client know that all I had to do was re-save the patches on the slave factor (pitchfactor for me) and it went back to normal. It took me forever to find his because I looked everywhere and found no answers or any similar problems. I then said, "Ok I have a gig and how am I gonna do it?" so I went in, changed a couple patches so I could manage the gig and as soon as I saved one and then went back to it it worked all of a sudden. To be honest I actually like the way it functions now better than I did before for a couple reasons. First, the Pitchfactor banks follow the Timefactor banks individually without engaging them. This allows me to have banks "on deck" and can switch them on when I want. In the past the bank might not be on the same number until I had one mapped to be engaged with that particular number. NOW all I have to do is re-save the patch and it works like normal, and even more efficiently than before. I also noticed that others wanted this as an update, so not sure how you would go about doing that, but messing with the factor lib definitely got me there. Hopefully this can be implemented as an update soon because it honestly works better this way for me, or maybe you could add an option in midi that could follow banks or run the old way. I also havent noticed any glitches yet, except that it sounds like some of the Pitchfactor patches bleed through when I engage the Timefactor preset, even when the Pitchfactor does not engage, but only for a brief ms. Even so, all I do is map that preset to bypass and it fixes it instantly. Hope this can help someone in the future.