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Hi jcshirke,

We did some fine tuning of parameters in the PF to work well for most guitars on parameters that we couldn't give the user access to (because of the more limited UI).  The good  news is that on Eclipse, you more than likely have access to those parameters.  You'll have to dig in to the processing block where the pitchshifter resides as these values are probably not brought out to the hot keys in the preset.  You may even have to put the eclipse in "expert" mode. 

Specifically these parameters are xfade time, and minimum pitch.  A lower min pitch setting will allow the pitchshifter to shift lower notes, and polyphonies like perfect 5ths and 4ths and octaves, at the expense of a small bit more latency.  For chords, you may want to try a lower pitch.  The xfade time helps control glitches.  A lower time will result in tighter tracking, but a greater increase of chance for glitch.  A higher xfade time will do the opposite and sound a bit more flangy.