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Very nice.  It took me a little longer than I thought to find the video.  It looks like Alan Chaput got the nod to do the booth demos.  The UltraTap teaser starts at about 1:16.

[NAMM H9 Harmonizer

Is that five taps that I hear after the dry signal?  I wonder what the maximum delay time is overall (for all taps combined, or per-tap).  Is regeneration / feedback available (again, for all taps combined, or per-tap)?  Those of you familiar with a Boss SE-50 know that each style of tap feedback has a distinct sound and usage.

… if you could add this to a Factor pedal sometime in the future …

While we wait … this was the closest that I could manage in the PitchFactor:


Mix = WET:50

Pitch Mix = A—::—BD

Pitch A = A: UNISON

Pitch B = B: UNISON

Delay A = 1480 ms.

Delay B = . A . B . C . D

(encoder) = QUADVOX / TMP OFF

Depth / Key = (any key)

Speed / Scale = (any scale)

Xnob = C: UNISON

Ynob = D: UNISON


(EXP PED Heel) = . . . . ABCD

(EXP PED Toe) = ABC . . . D

I put this patch up a while ago here.  Four taps + dry, and less than 1.5 seconds in total, but with a nice spread in a stereo rig.  Since then, I tend to follow it with a 2nd ducking delay to regenerate the taps.  I also changed the expression pedal to control delay time (instead of tap spacing); from a short slur to to long, evenly-spaced taps.  For a poor-man's Binson Echorec effect, set Delay A to 310 ms.