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      The new Ultratap algorithm available in the H9 sounds incredible. It would be great if you could add this to a Factor pedal sometime in the future….just saying 🙂

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      Very nice.  It took me a little longer than I thought to find the video.  It looks like Alan Chaput got the nod to do the booth demos.  The UltraTap teaser starts at about 1:16.

      [NAMM H9 Harmonizer

      Is that five taps that I hear after the dry signal?  I wonder what the maximum delay time is overall (for all taps combined, or per-tap).  Is regeneration / feedback available (again, for all taps combined, or per-tap)?  Those of you familiar with a Boss SE-50 know that each style of tap feedback has a distinct sound and usage.

      … if you could add this to a Factor pedal sometime in the future …

      While we wait … this was the closest that I could manage in the PitchFactor:


      Mix = WET:50

      Pitch Mix = A—::—BD

      Pitch A = A: UNISON

      Pitch B = B: UNISON

      Delay A = 1480 ms.

      Delay B = . A . B . C . D

      (encoder) = QUADVOX / TMP OFF

      Depth / Key = (any key)

      Speed / Scale = (any scale)

      Xnob = C: UNISON

      Ynob = D: UNISON


      (EXP PED Heel) = . . . . ABCD

      (EXP PED Toe) = ABC . . . D

      I put this patch up a while ago here.  Four taps + dry, and less than 1.5 seconds in total, but with a nice spread in a stereo rig.  Since then, I tend to follow it with a 2nd ducking delay to regenerate the taps.  I also changed the expression pedal to control delay time (instead of tap spacing); from a short slur to to long, evenly-spaced taps.  For a poor-man's Binson Echorec effect, set Delay A to 310 ms.

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      I believe I heard Alan say the Ultratap has 64 echoes in total. I currently align the 4 taps in the Quadravox with a pattern delay on my Timeline to get 50 echoes or taps. It works really well – by changing the delay time on the Quadravox I can change the 'density' of the echoes.

      It sounds like you can control the change in amplitude with the Ultratap algorithm – which I'd love to use – so the taps either decrease in volume (to create a gated-reverb) type effect or increase in volume (to create a reverse reverb type sound). It sounds similar to the Multi-tap delay in the Timefactor but with more taps and more control.

      I think the Factor pedals are incredible and cover pretty-much every sound I could ever need, but I would be all over this algorithm if it was available in a Factor pedal.

      Finally, I think the Factor pedals are also missing a nice autoswell algorithm too – one that doesn't require the player to stop the strings from ringing before the swell kicks in again.

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      Good point about the level control over the individual taps.  Those effects that you mention can extend into simulated fast / fingerpicking.  I find it encouraging that Eventide is talking about the capability of having all of the Factor algorithms available, interchangeable presets (with other hardware), plus the proverbial "much, much more".

      Even beyond all of the bells & whistles, the H9 is a smart move for Eventide.  It allows for someone to customize an effect pedal, and still integrate that into an already established pedalboard rig.  I might already have more delay effects than I'll ever need, but still make room for an all-in-one kind of pedal with targeted additions.  The relatively small physical footprint doesn't hurt, either.

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      I wonder whether Eventide will consider selling the new algorithms to Factor pedal users. My impression though is the Factor pedals are already crammed enough to fit anything else in them.

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      I managed to hold out for over a year now, but the UltraTap algorithm is truly incredible.  I've used many multi-tap delays over the years; this one is unique.  The controls are deceptively simple, yet the interaction among all of them is where the variations shine.

      The H9 Algorithm Guide description is an understatement.  The versatility extends to slicer patterns, complete tremolo-gate-Slow Gear effects, weird flanging … Ramp waveform added – sine & random dropped.  That makes sense.  I see a 4 second maximum delay with 1 second pre-delay (unlike the 3 sec. – 2 sec. split in the Guide).  And that's not a complaint.

      The H9 Special algos seem to follow the Space formula – Hotswitch versus Performance Switch in the other 'Factors.  I was half-expecting to see infinite repeat, like the TimeFactor delays.  It seems like it would be a cool addition – latching the memory contents in the UltraTap, then changing the delay time and spacing in real-time.  Is this technically feasible, or was this a design decision (no PSW for H9 algos)?

      I can see where dozens of presets can be designed around this one multilayered algorithm alone.  Very, very cool.  I'm really enjoying the H9 in combination with the PitchFactor.  The two create a deep 3d set on amazing effects that would be impossible using any other effects pair on my pedalboard.

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      Eventide Staff


      the Factor pedals are already crammed enough

      Sadly, this is the case. The H9 has much more memory for algorithms.

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