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I believe I heard Alan say the Ultratap has 64 echoes in total. I currently align the 4 taps in the Quadravox with a pattern delay on my Timeline to get 50 echoes or taps. It works really well – by changing the delay time on the Quadravox I can change the 'density' of the echoes.

It sounds like you can control the change in amplitude with the Ultratap algorithm – which I'd love to use – so the taps either decrease in volume (to create a gated-reverb) type effect or increase in volume (to create a reverse reverb type sound). It sounds similar to the Multi-tap delay in the Timefactor but with more taps and more control.

I think the Factor pedals are incredible and cover pretty-much every sound I could ever need, but I would be all over this algorithm if it was available in a Factor pedal.

Finally, I think the Factor pedals are also missing a nice autoswell algorithm too – one that doesn't require the player to stop the strings from ringing before the swell kicks in again.