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Timefactor is the master controller.  output on timefactor is set to "thru"

The master controller should be set to XMT.  The TimeFactor is "transmitting" MIDI clock and tempo changes to Space.  Your other settings look good.

I mapped "rcv cc" tap to "c93" using the learn function on both space and timefactor but neither one is changing tempo from my controller

Check to see that the CC93 controller value is 64 or greater on the FCB1010 footswitch.  CC93 at a 127 value is always a safe bet.  The other thing to check is that both available CCs per-footswitch aren't set to the same CC Number [CC 93] and the same MIDI Channel in the Global Configuration. 

In this case, the footswitch will alternate between two different values of CC93 with each press.  That could be screwing you up, or halving your tap tempo rate (two presses equaling one "tap").

I'm attempting to make a universal tap tempo switch with my midi controller …  (Eventide Timefactor, Eventide Space & Strymon Mobius)

With that (exact serial) routing, you'll have to leave both Eventide boxes set to OUTPUT=THRU.  Any Eventide box set to XMT will block whatever is coming into its MIDI In jack.  So, if you have the FCB-1010 plugged into the TimeFactor, nothing will get any further downstream.

You may be able to work something out with the FCB-1010's MIDI Merge function (under Global).  Then it can be inserted in the MIDI routing other than first.  And I'm not familiar with the Mobius MIDI implementation (yet).  FCB-1010 -> TF THRU -> Space THRU -> Mobius sounds like it should work, though.