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I'm not an Eclipse owner; just general knowledge that I apply to the Pitchfactor, Whammy, and other pitch shifters:

100 cents to a semitone.  1200 cents to an octave.  So, -1200 cents would be an octave down from the source.  A minor third up = +300 cents; a major third up = +400 cents; a fifth down would be – 700 cents, and so on.  It's a fine increment of measure for pitch, and it's useful in detuning.  +25c and -25c of detuning gives you a 'spread' of a quarter-tone [50 cents].  It's important to remember that cents are added / subtracted.

When dealing with intervals, pitch, frequency in Hertz, it's useful to think in ratios.  Ratios are multiplied & divided by the original source.  An octave above is twice the frequency of the initial pitch, and and octave below is one-half of the frequency.  My H910/H949 diagrams have the ratios in a 'dot matrix' font; inline with MIDI Note numbers and intervals from middle C.  But you can find charts and explanations of the same by Googling 'pitch ratios'. or 'cents vs. ratios'.