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What I really don't get in this whole H9 discussion  is that nowadays, manufacturers act
like it's unfeasable to have decent multi FX devices. Seriously, in the
80s there was plenty of 16 bit (!) 19" gear that had a FRACTION of
today's processing power, and yet, like with the Intellifex, we had
decent delay / mod/ rev etc. algos.

With a CPU as powerful as the H9, how hard can it be tp get a simple
delay, a good chorus and still have a reverb that exceeds most rack
units by far?? Not to mention that in a real life live situation, noone
will hear the last crystaline detail of your 22mhz reverb trail…

I still have an Intelli in my setup, just don't like the reverb to much,
but I can live with it live. But why on earth should I now buy a $500
delay, a $500 chorus and a $500 reverb that take up all my board space
when I can have the same thing in a rack unit like the TC G major2??

Come on Eventide, I mean really…unless they decide to get some decent
multi FX algos, I won't be buying the H9, especially that people have
been asking for a decent multi FX pedal for years.

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