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Ok, thanks for the suggestion.

I tried the three methods (powering up with holding the key Program/Setup/8), and in addition to losing all my presets, the unit is perhaps even more sick: it powers up ok (loading the 102 Thru program), but the Ext and 48 kHz leds are blinking. When I try to change to other program, it displays "Codegen #-26882 not foundpress any key to continue". The unit freezes here, and pressing any key doesn't have any effect.

While doing the three methods, I got a, on occasions, a message "Badalg2 head cg: 1.b alg: 0.0 press any key to continue". On occasion, the unit displayed "New software – clear setup?", to which I aswered "yes". And on occasions, pressing the program button the unit suggests to load setup 000 Factory Unit (which I did load) instead of any programs.

So, further assistance still desperately needed!