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Aha, yes, I think that will do it.  I do a lot of hard and soft synth programming but the added complication is that you have to program I/O and a user interface.  It's not beyond me.  I will peruse the manuals first.  Of course loading a preset and tweaking is an easy way to get started.

i find the Eclipse interface pretty easy and straightforward.  This is clearly more but I also am thinking long term.  I like starting with real instruments and processing them.  I'm less and less a fan of paint by numbers synths like Alchemy and Omnisphere that come with samples after someone did the sound design.  I want my own.

I personally think some time investment might be worth it.  The Eclipse is paying offf for me.  Best piece of gear I have.  So with time investment I expect so much more from the H8000.