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I powered 2 Eventides for a while on a PP2+ with no issues.  Not sure about running all 4 though.  I bought the Pedal Power Digital to run my four Eventides and my PP2+ runs everything else on my board.  In fact, the way I have my setup now, I use the "courtesy" outlet on the PP2+ to feed my Pedal Power Digital and I have no issues.  I'm running 4 Eventides, 2 Overdrives, Compressor, Tuner, a few custom switching pedals I built and a Shure Wireless all on the PP2+ and PP Digital. I did have a Hilton Volume pedal as well, but I had some issues with that, haven't figured out if it was a power issue or a problem with the pedal.  I've been running this setup now for about 10 months with zero issues (aside from the Hilton) and I play at my church for 3 services and a practice every week.  I see Voodoo Lab have another power supply, the 4X4 that looks like it can do all four and then some other pedals as well.