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      I own the Voodoo pedal power 2plus. I was curious if I used the Voodoo Pedal Power Digital if it would support all 4 Eventide stompboxes?Also, I plan on running them Midi. I don't know jack about midi so any suggestions would be awesome. 

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      Firstly, to make this extremely clear: Eventide can only recommend/support/debug pedals using the supplied Eventide PSU. You're welcome to use whatever power source you like, however any issues that arise from using it are unsupported, so use at your own risk/caution. 

      In practice, you might get issues with current the Pedal Power Digital not giving you enough current to run the four pedals. I'm unsure of the current draw of each pedal, but I can tell you that it's rather massive – especially if you're running MIDI, since the MIDI ports require extra current to run. In addition, Eventide stompboxes use center-positive instead of the more common center-negative barrel connectors, and if I recall correctly you need 2.3mm-wide barrel jacks. 

      Some of the finer details on this may be incorrect (I don't have a Factor in front of me to confirm said details), I defer judgement to Nick Rose or Russ. But like I said, your best bet is to use the Eventide Power Supply that came with your Factor. 

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      Not used one myself, but on paper looking at he specs it should work.

      the PowerFactor is 400mA for the Eventide sections, although oddly they recommend running them at 12V rather than 9V.

      I have run my Eventides off various power supplies with some success and other supplies not so successfully, currently running a PowerFactor with zero issues… Really nice power supply.

      obviously Eventide can not support loads of different combinations, but I would be tempted to give it a try.

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      I powered 2 Eventides for a while on a PP2+ with no issues.  Not sure about running all 4 though.  I bought the Pedal Power Digital to run my four Eventides and my PP2+ runs everything else on my board.  In fact, the way I have my setup now, I use the "courtesy" outlet on the PP2+ to feed my Pedal Power Digital and I have no issues.  I'm running 4 Eventides, 2 Overdrives, Compressor, Tuner, a few custom switching pedals I built and a Shure Wireless all on the PP2+ and PP Digital. I did have a Hilton Volume pedal as well, but I had some issues with that, haven't figured out if it was a power issue or a problem with the pedal.  I've been running this setup now for about 10 months with zero issues (aside from the Hilton) and I play at my church for 3 services and a practice every week.  I see Voodoo Lab have another power supply, the 4X4 that looks like it can do all four and then some other pedals as well.  

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      What we need is a Powerfactor with FOUR or five 12V outlets, not three. Tis a shame none of the Factors can be powered by the Eclipse too.

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