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Now that we've seen the basic specs of the H9, let's talk about what we might like to see emerging from Eventide to expand it after release.  Given that the existing Factor pedal algorithms will all (yes?) be available for download, what else would you like to see coming to the H9?

Some initial thoughts on my end:

-More/expanded looping algorithms.  I've said it before, but it bears repeating: the TimeFactor looping algorithm is already one of the best feature sets available in a pedal looper.  Having said that, I think there are things that would improve it: Reverse loop.  More looping time.  A Multiply feature, so that short initial loops can be overdubbed with longer phrases.  Undo/redo.  REVERSE.  Implementing these features, given the H9's form factor and interface design, would probably require MIDI controls, but I think that's OK: one of the beauties of the H9 model is that players who aren't interested in the algorithm or don't have the right extra gear to use it can simply pass on buying it.

There are also other looping implementations that could work with the existing controls that would provide very interesting results.  Take a look at the Hexe Revolver demo videos and imagine an algorithm for the H9 that could implement those controls.

-Expanded real-time interface.  I understand why you'd lead with an iOS interface that mimics the Factor pedals: it's familiar to players, it puts everything up-front for easy manipulation, and it's easy to write.  But why stop there?  One of the great things about having an app is that you can deploy multiple interfaces at the user's discretion.  What about expanding the ribbon control into an X/Y pad that would permit Kaoss Pad-style manipulation of two parameters simultaneously?  Maybe a sketching surface to draw modulation waveforms?  Or a soft version of the new EHX 8 Step Process to allow a preset to sequence expression pedal values using onscreen faders?  We're already outside the pedal box – let's think while we're out there!