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I've filed a couple of requests with support (thanks Jerome!) but here are a few things for the iOS app:

1) Manual entry of Tempo.  The tap doesn't work so well for me on the iDevice.

2) On the iPhone, disable grab and drag (or whatever the Apple name is) and only switch between the pages using the little arrows.

3) Larger bounds for the knob controls on the iPhone to make it easier to grab the control.  Or double tap to lock in just that knob for adjustment.

The latter two are probably only iPhone issues, but as good as the H9 is, I'm not buying an iPad just for that!

For algorithms, I would like to see some Plex based ones.  Maybe just the high level controls for the multiple delay/pitch lines like the Eclipse.

Finally, let me design my own algos with an updated iOS version of vSig (I will buy an iPad for that)!  The DSP in the pedal is more powerful than the DSP7000, so it would be nice to have access a bit more of its power.

Thanks for being open to suggetiosn