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I get a flood of midi that doesn't make any sense. I get note ons/offs (mostly offs) in the -2 octave, I get extreme pitchwheel values and extreme aftertouch values

That's one of the wilder things I've ever heard.  If it were simply pitchbend messages, I might suspect the PitchFactor.  But as far as I can tell from the MIDI Implementation Chart, the MFC-101 doesn't transmit / receive note on/off velocities, aftertouch or pitchbend.  With the PitchFactor, it'd only be MIDI CC 0-99, pitchbend, and – of course – program changes.

Did you ever get this sorted out?  What is it that you are you using as a MIDI monitor?  Are there any clues based on the MIDI Channel embedded in the monitored messages?  Are you set up in Omni mode?