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      Hey there,

      I've got an issue with how my eventide pedals are processing the midi sent into them. I have the MFC-101 sending midi to the PitchFactor and then midi from there to the Space.

      When I monitor the midi output of a normal patch selection on from the MFC-101, I see the PCs going to both pedals and one other CC I've set to control their bypass states. However when I monitor the same pedal being hit but immediately after either of the Eventide pedals, I get a flood of midi that doesn't make any sense. I get note ons/offs (mostly offs) in the -2 octave, I get extreme pitchwheel values and extreme aftertouch values – more frustratingly the output isn't consistent at all.

      I really can't figure out why the midi is being garbled in such an extreme fashion – any help much appreciated! I should state the same behaviour is true for both pitchfactor used in serial or alone.



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      I get a flood of midi that doesn't make any sense. I get note ons/offs (mostly offs) in the -2 octave, I get extreme pitchwheel values and extreme aftertouch values

      That's one of the wilder things I've ever heard.  If it were simply pitchbend messages, I might suspect the PitchFactor.  But as far as I can tell from the MIDI Implementation Chart, the MFC-101 doesn't transmit / receive note on/off velocities, aftertouch or pitchbend.  With the PitchFactor, it'd only be MIDI CC 0-99, pitchbend, and – of course – program changes.

      Did you ever get this sorted out?  What is it that you are you using as a MIDI monitor?  Are there any clues based on the MIDI Channel embedded in the monitored messages?  Are you set up in Omni mode?

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      I had something Similar happen with the Space when It wasn't getting enough power. it was showing things happening on a completely different channel. Also, check your MIDI cables, a short could account for oddities.

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      Unfortunately I didn't – had to unplug the midi out cable as it was playing havoc with ableton during live gigs!

      I'm using some software called 'Midi Monitor' for OSX which I've used for years, tends to be pretty reliable. I'm only using one midi channel each for the space and pitch factor (1 and 2 respectively), but this midi shrapnel is coming up on all channels, but it looks fairly random.

      One thing that strikes me is that the default behaviour of the MFC is to send a PC on every midi channel when you switch patches. I'm wondering if these PCs are causing some overload or other issue with the eventides? I've turned off or reset all CC and PC mapping in the pedals just in case but it made no difference.

      I'm using standard eventide power supplies and have tried different midi cables. Really weird!!



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      This is strange, as I have been running a TimeFactor then an Eclipse and Space in my rig controlled by an MFC-101 and not had a problem like this.

      I had it set up like this until recently (just got an H9 and not had time to integrate it yet)

      MFC-101 > cat5 > Axe-FX II > MIDI out/thru> Eclipse> MIDI out> Space

      Midi channels set on the device AND on the MFC:-

      Axe-FX II – 1

      Eclipse – 2

      Space – 3

      Then on the Program change on the MFC-101 I left it as default, so 1 would be preset 1 on the Axe-FX, preset 1 on the Eclipse and preset 1 on the Space.

      This worked for me, but in this set up I was not creating any midi merge or signal loops.

      What is you midi signal chain?

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      Yeah, Ive been trying to control program changes on a pitch factor via an axe fx 2 and MFC-101.

      I am getting a very irratic and delayed program change to the pitch Factor. 

      Before it changes, the pitch Factor with stutter (like a car engine trying to turn over) 

      The program change can take up to 6-7 secs to occur. Which makes live patch changing un workable.

      I previously had a G system controling the midi, and it worked fine, and all my other midi conrolled effects are changing on que.

      I was hoping that the new H9 would solve this problem, but I have just tried it out, and Im having the same problem.

      So I think the problem is with the axe FX2 midi signal. seems strange, but if anyone has an answer, I would love to hear it:)

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