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I just purchased the phaser algorithm for my H9 and a mix knob would be fantastic and is much needed. The effect is too strong when trying to duplicate the Van Halen 1 album sound. I was hoping to replace my EVH MXR Phaser on my pedalboard but I cant even get close to that sound without the mix control. I am open to any advice from you but I have messed with all the parameters and cant duplicate that effect. Also please create a distortion parameter. Your distortions in the Eclipse are amazing, some of the best and purest I have ever heard and would be great for the H9. 

Also I would like to request to become a Beta tester for the H9 firmware and algorhithms. I was previously a beta tester for Line 6 on their Variax, Line 6 Edit software and HD500 models and gave them lots of feedback on bugs and possible improvements in which they actually used a few of mine.