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First: 18 Eur for algorythm??? I thought 20 $ was much and now i realize i have to pay even more if i want to buy something.

The way it works with Apple's iTunes Connect is you select a price tier, and the price tier we selected was for $19.99. Apple translates that into different prices in different places. There's actually no way for us to modify the price for an individual country. The in app purchasing on Mac and Windows versions of H9 Control though uses Amazon payments, and there the price is always $19.99.


I was expecting i could use this encoder switch as a Hotswitch along with expression pedal.

Hitting the encoder modifies the direction that the preset footswitch is going. It's probably too hard to hit for any extended use like as a performance switch.  We made it really easy to configure aux switches though and those are pretty inexpensive.


Pitch tracking on chords is a bit glitchy, its much better on my Axe Fx II

It's a monophonic pitch tracker. It wasn't designed to track chords. It surprises me thought that you say that the Axe Fx is any better. Polyphonic pitch tracking doesn't work well at all unless you put a bunch of constraints on what acceptable input might be…