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Diatonic or Quadravox will get you scale-constrained effects.  Try that, "Impossible".


Mix = WET: 100

Pitch Mix = A10+B0

Pitch A = A:  -4th**

Pitch B = B:  +7th**

Delay A = A:  NO DLY

Delay B = B:  NO DLY

(encoder) = DIATONIC / TMP: ON or OFF

Depth / Key = E**

Speed / Scale = min**

Xnob = FB-A:  0

Ynob = FB-B:  0


** Pitch A and Pitch B Intervals, Depth / Key and Speed / Scale of choice.


System Settings  >  AUX SW

(AUX SW 1) = K0  >  TIP

(AUX SW 2) = K1  >  RNG


Aux switch MIN and MAX Values default to full range of knob travel.

Play your favorite melodies – any genre.  Switch virtual 'fretboard positions' using combinations of the two Aux switches, while maintaining the same fingering pattern.

Aux switch 1 changes the Mix from WET: 0 to WET: 100.  Aux switch 2 changes the Pitch Mix from A10+B0 to A0+B10.  Creative use of the aux switches adds difficult leaps in melodies, hammer-ons, pull-offs and tapping effects that remain locked to the selected key & scale.