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Thanks for looking into it. I think I found the cause of my issue. I hooked up my DMC-3 to the H9 to see if it would take PCs from that and it did with no issue. Looking at the output on midi monitor I could see that in addition to the PC the DMC was sending a bank select 0 message. So I went back into my ableton clips and assigned Bank 1 (there is no "0" to choose, and midi monitor reads ableton's bank 1 as bank 0) to compliment the PCs and now it's working as it should. Yay!

Interesting though. The Timeline doesn't need a bank assignment to read PCs, and also like I said earlier, the H9 was changing presets with no bank assignment, it just required a transport stop between messages to make that happen. But if this makes things reliable I'm happy. I'll put it through the ringer now and try some more complex messaging.