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      One of the major reasons I bought the H9 was for the virtually limitless midi control as I do a lot of work with Ableton and have had success using midi clips to control various aspects of my Timeline (changing presets; activating and bypassing; sweeping parameters; starting, stopping and playing loops; etc). I expected the same smooth action with the H9 but I'm getting anything but good results.

      I could try to go into detail of what I haven't gotten to work in terms of CCs, but in an effort of trial and error to make sense of this I broke it down to the simplest of commands and am still having trouble — so I may as well start by describing this scenario:

      In Ableton I've created a series of 4 midi clips, each one bar long and containing 1 program change message, nothing else (PC 1-4). Channel is assigned to 6 where I have the H9 set to receive (however I've tried a bunch of other channels too). The clips are programmed to play consecutively, 1 into the next. When I hit play, the first program change calls up the corresponding H9 preset no problem. But then as the  next clip plays, nothing happens. Sometimes if I let it play on another preset will randomly load. Not always the right one according to the PC the midi clip has fired. It simply doesn't work the way it should. I know that ableton is firing off the correct PCs as I'm watching the H9s midi output in Midi Monitor. The data is correct. When I plug my Strymon Timeline into the midi stream and set it to the same channel it changes presets with each new clip's corresponding PC message without a hiccup.

      Is there some sort of message the H9 needs to receive after getting a midi command to "clear" it and "prep" for the next? I do find that if I stop Ableton's transport after one clip and manually start it on the next, the PCs do go through most of the time — not always even — but I shouldn't have to do that. Again, I reiterate that I'm monitoring the data and only the simple PCs on the correct channel are going through, nothing else to confuse it.

      I can provide videos or anything needed to get to the bottom of this, happy to work hard on it. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions. But this was the reason I got the pedal and if it can't hang reliably with midi messaging, I won't be able to keep it. I don't want that to happen because I love the way this thing sounds.

      Also, a comment about H9 control and its integration with the H9 pedal's midi options under the system menu tree. These two interfaces do not match and it's confusing. Using my iPad i tried to assign a midi CC to access the tuner. It wasn't an option and I started to think I just imagined that midi control of the tuner was possible. But then when accessed RCV.CTL under the pedal's system menu I found the tuner option. It should show up on H9 control app as well, no? Additionally, the control app allow you to assign CCs to the various parameters and functions, ranging from 0-127 while the pedal only allows up to 99. Confusing. So if for example you assign tap tempo to CC 120 in H9 control, it shows CC 12 on the pedal. Maybe this means 120 and there just isn't space for the 3rd digit?

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      Thanks for your feedback; we'll look into the program change problem you're having and see if we can reproduce it.  The H9s MIDI functionality has been test a lot but primarily with ProTools.

      You are right about there being no option to configure the tuner to launch with a MIDI CC at the moment in H9 Control.  Another user mentioned that in the H9 Wish List thread, and that's marked to go into the next release of H9 Control.  

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      Thanks for looking into it. I think I found the cause of my issue. I hooked up my DMC-3 to the H9 to see if it would take PCs from that and it did with no issue. Looking at the output on midi monitor I could see that in addition to the PC the DMC was sending a bank select 0 message. So I went back into my ableton clips and assigned Bank 1 (there is no "0" to choose, and midi monitor reads ableton's bank 1 as bank 0) to compliment the PCs and now it's working as it should. Yay!

      Interesting though. The Timeline doesn't need a bank assignment to read PCs, and also like I said earlier, the H9 was changing presets with no bank assignment, it just required a transport stop between messages to make that happen. But if this makes things reliable I'm happy. I'll put it through the ringer now and try some more complex messaging.

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