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I've had a TimeFactor for several years and after having myself a Space and putting it through paces I find it a much more complete pedal than the PF is.

Although the TF was a breaktrough at the time of its release (as are the Space or H9 now) the competition the competition has managed to surpass it in some regards (not others) like the modeling of bucked brigade and specially tape delays.

I bought Eventide for many reasons including the potential of updating it offers, tested in other devices like Eclipse, thus I really expect for improved models and perharps new algorithms and  functions for some knobs.

For instance in the ModEchoVerb of Space, there´s a knob dedicated to set the deph of the modulation and it has no less than 298 possible deph values (if I can recall): from zero to 100 sweepVerb, to 100 flanger, to 100 chorus. But for instance you can't cut bass and trebble in the repeats of the delays of most of the models, including TAPE, wich is really lacking for my taste. Or the modulation deph only having 20 values (although I've experienced possible values in between 0 and 1, wich I like), the speed of the mod not going up enough for some leslie and vibrato effects, let alone ring modulator style frecuency modulation, etc.

To sum up:

By using some knobs in the same fashion of  the Space Knobs, some new features for the time factor could be easily integrated. Some ideas:

-Different Filter Types & Overdrive (the drive algos in the Space are really nice actually) in the TAPE mode.

– Vintage algorythm is easily one of most popular in the TF: the Bits knob could have more lo-fi effects like one based on reducing the KHZs.

-Modulation on the Multi-Tap mode would create awesome results for sure.

-Freezing just one of the twin delays, that would be extremely useful even though it would be triggered via MIDI only.

-Filterpong: modulation of the delay time.

-LFO shapes for the Band delays like the classic Ramp or Sample and Hold.

-The option of filtering both bass and trebble frequencies in Digital Delay and Mod Delay.

-Choosing the phase of the outputs, both dry and wet via software, that would be reeeally nice


Best regards and Merry Christmas!