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It sounds like you are using an old version of H9 Control.  The current version of H9 Control is 1.2.1.  You can check what version you have by clicking on the Setting button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and clicking on the About button.


Also, the H9 control module is un-usable on my laptop because it wasn't programmed to adjust to the end user's screen size.

The more recent builds of H9 Control have a resizable app window.


I followed the instructions completely several times and would not implement the list on my unit.

Well, after upgrading to the latest version of H9 Control, check out this video on transferring lists to an H9 and let us know if you're still having problems.


Will those of us without IOS devices get rain checks on the free Resonator download until Eventide can give us some means of downloading it?

The latest desktop builds of H9 Control have an in app store.  You can get the Resonator using H9 Control on Windows or Mac OS X.  You don't need an iOS device.