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What I'd like to be able to do is insert a new preset in the existing preset list. 

When you say you'd like to insert a new preset in the preset list, I guess you mean if you're dropping a preset at position 5 you'd like everything above that to shift over by one?  No, H9 Control doesn't support that at the moment.  I can understand why you'd need to do that sometimes, but that would also lead to the last preset being dropped off the list if a preset were assigned to the last position.


I'd also like to be able to take the preset list and reorder the existing presets.

This is also not supported in the current release, but we have added copy, paste, and swap functionality in what will be the next release.

Your assumption on insert is correct.  For me, dropping presets off the high end would not be a problem.  I'm only using the first 10 or 20 positions for my "gig" presets.  After that, it's just experimentation and filler.

If I remember correctly, FactorLib has an insert function.  Actually, the functionality of FactorLib is perfect.  I never had a problem arranging the presets on my Factor pedals with it.

Your planned updates will be helpful and appreciated but I think its just part way there.