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Hi Dan,

I have the Eventide Timefactor Delay Pedal. Basically when I tried any of the presets (some of which I created, and some that were a part of the pedal) there was feedback. This was in a live performance setting, where I think the problem had to do with the microphone I was using mainly (an SM 58 which picks up more unwanted frequencies than some other mics). Any advice on the following would be appreciated, though I understand that not all of it relates directly to the Timefactor:

1. Are there certain parameters I can adjust on the pedal which would reduce the likelihood of having feedback?

2. Do you have any advice on microphones that work well with this pedal (you don't necessarily have to give specifics, but advice from experience would be helpful)

3. I have tried to find information about microphones being hooked up with this pedal and have found virtually nothing. Is there any chance you could explain to me the best way to connect a microphone to this delay pedal, and then to a mixer or speakers? A signal path would be great. I've already used this pedal in rehearsals etc so I technically know how it works but I want to avoid using the pre-amp I am currently using, but I'm not sure how else to connect it.

This is a lot to ask and I apologize! 

Anything you can explain though is much appreciated.