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You may have a point, but I'll make one last argument for the way I would prefer to have it function: So I use Ableton to send midi PCs and other information to my H9 and various other bits of gear. Imagine I'm playing live and an Ableton sequence is changing patches on my H9 for vs, chs, etc. Suppose my B string slips wildly out of tune in the middle of a song. I hit the aux button to access the H9's tuner and mute my signal while I fix the tuning problem. But during this period where I drop out to tune, the song transitions to a different section and Ableton sends a PC to the H9 to change it to the preset for that section. I wouldn't want the PC to trump the tuner in that circumstance; rather, I'd want to stay muted and on the tuner, then hit the active button and know that I'm going to have the right sound when I'm done tuning.

Probably a pretty esoteric situation, but that's the way I wish it operated.