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A few more ideas:

– Option to have the end of the expression pedal range bypass / activate the preset (pedal @ 0 = bypass and/or pedal @ 100 = bypass)

This will help eliminate phasing issues when running in a parallel effects loop on some effects.

– Kill Dry setting per input

I'm trying to run two amps into the unit, but one has a parallel effects loop and the other serial.  So, the two inputs require different settings for kill dry

– Per-preset input select (AKA "twice as nice" mode)

Not quite EventideRoutingUtility, but close 😉  What if I want some presets before my amp and others after?  Why not route:  guitar -> input1 -> output1 -> amp input -> amp FX send -> input2 -> output2 -> amp FX return

I'm not thinking of running each input at the same time, but more of an either or in cases where some effects are better before or after the preamp.

For a parallel effects loop, I'd want KillDry for input 2 but not input 1.  You may say "buy an H9 core" and you may be right, but this seems like something that would be doable in a single unit.

It would be nice to have a global setting that helped as a failsafe against a feedback loop – basically put the pedal into "twice as nice" mode so it knows how it is wired, set a global kill dry for each input and then the preset just needs to know which input it should be reading from (unless you can think of an effect that would be OK to run both pre and post pre-amp?).