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There are more of us than you might think.

Honestly, I cannot see why the delay – if there was a similar 5 year delay in getting Mac forms done there would be an outcry, and I know a lot more VST3 users than AAX or AAX2.

The circular reasoning of " we will not support it until more others do" is not very good – it is much more likely that the more who port the more will follow. Waves manage to do all forms, as do Flux – and even Voxengo are now porting so it has to be stable or Aleksey would not do it. Other manufacturers include – but are not limited to – iZotope, SoundToys, Softube, Elysia, Antares, Brainworx, RN Digital, DMG Audio, VirSyn, SPL, HOFA, Alogrithmix, TC Electronic, Melda Productions – the list goes on & on with with 7 pages and over 300 products listed on KVR so I think saying that "not many people" support it is sophistry, as those who do are major players as well as some very small ones so it must be worthwhile or why would they bother?

I know – forget stereo, let's all mix in mono (it's obviously a waste of time working in stereo as it is not widely supported – at least this was said back in the early 60's & was wrong then too)

Sorry for the rant