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I am having a similar problem with H3000 Factory VST. Initially it was working fine and played nice with my native and waves plugins. When I installed Schepps 73 is when the crashing began. I have one mix that is still working(the first one i used H3000 on after removing the Schepps 73) maybe due to it being used first then followed by the waves plugins. I have tried to add it in subsequent mixes and now get a crash every time. Bummer because I really love the H3000. I had the hardware unit many years ago and the money spent on your plug in would have got me part way to replacing it. Any way I digress…

I am running Window 7/ 64 bit Service Pack 1 on a AMD athlon II X 4 @ 2.61 GHz. with 16 meg Ram. DAW is Studio One Version

When a mix crashes I have to remove the path to the H3000 files and my VST2 common files in setup. Then I can open the mix and remove the H3000 instantiations. Re establish paths to VST2 common files, then and only then, can I reopen the mix and have my Waves plugins work again. Before taking these steps opening the song(mix) will crash Studio One every time.

I really want your plugin to work with my Schepps 73! Please help.