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Hi Eventide staff, thank you for the response.

It is the exact same issue I highlighted to the forum in September 2012 with the Eventide Space, I attached the link below where you can see it was confirmed as an issue with the Eventide staff, as well as other users.  I also posted a discussion on TheGearPage in the hopes of finding a user solution, and other users have begun confirming they are experiencing the same issue I am experiencing.

To detail, I run the H9 always "on" in Killdry mode in the parallel fx loop of my amplifier.  I control preset changes via MIDI PCs.  The only effects I have used are the Space "Quasar" preset, Space "Hall" preset, , the "Vocal Echo" TimeFactor Echo preset, and a Space "ModEchoVerb" preset which I can't remember the precise name of.  The problem occurs every time I switch between presets, and I can confirm the H9 is in global killdry mode (with the exception of when it switches presets and bleeds out a very noticeable dry signal for about two seconds).

Please ref the prior forum for additional details, the issue is exactly the same one that was confirmed by the Eventide staff in September 2012.

Thank you for your help in correcting, I think if you can fix that error the pedal will work great.  If you could let me know the gameplan I would be most appreciative; if a fix is still not in the works I will need to return it.  Thank you,