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thx for answer, but qkellum already answered this part of my question. I am wondering what is bit depth of AD/DA.

Eventide recommends to have PF after overdrives/boosters etc, but seems to me in my case, that signal looses some of its dynamics when shifted (PitchFlex effect) up +1oct, and also signal seems to start to be somehow colored to sound more synthesizer – like. If this is normal that it is what I have to live with, or maybe I am doing some mistake in pedal's order on board or something.

My main overdrive is BK Buttler Tube Driver sometimes combined with BYOC Royal Beaver (to kick more harmonics in signal – usually set to Ram's head setting).

Also I was wondering:

Now I have first unit in chain Radial Loopbone (in loops: in first are some compressors and in second BYOC Beaver) which is buffered loop switch. Tube Driver is in main signal patch after Loopbone but it is in third effect loop switched on /off by Radial EFX passive loop switch.

All my Eventide pedals follow -> PF then stereo =>MF=>TF=>Space then DI (2x A/DA GS-2) => DAW

Now I started to wonder if I should have all Eventide in line mode instead of guitar/amp to prevent double buffering and crank up signal level before them.

Anyone knows what is dynamics range in line mode compared to guitar/amp mode ?

Thx !