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Well the converters in the Eclipse are supposedly of higher quality than the ones in the Factor series… But in practice I never really noticed anything better or worse withe the Eclipse to be honest.

when you say can you load two basic effects in the Eclipse ? Do you mean say a delay and a modulation? Yes… If you mean can you you load a TimeFactor algorithm and a modfactor algorithm at the same time? No.

the eclipse is very powerful and very tweak able, but in all honesty I find myself using the H9 more just because it is easier to tweak and now I have just received an H9 core I can bet some very big and complex sounding combinations using say a TimeFactor BandDelay and either H9 UltraTap or Resonator… It can get you into the bigger / more complex sounding eclipse style sounds.

Another big bonus with the H9 for me is the H9 control app makes editing and management a breeze compared to the eclipse.