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I am a newbie  who is overwhelmed by the piles of algos and patches that just dont sound good in real use etc… I am not a techie but respect those who are and their needs. Nevertheless I paid my money and love the tone of the H9. After hours of wandering aimlessly (you guys really should put up some new vids on getting great tone -the existing vids are not that good-no offense) I have come up with TWO ( a big fat 2) patches that seem useful. Those are Mountain and Spelunker. Can you please suggest a few others for classic rock or light Jazz?


My pedal board has a tube based overdrive running into stereo TC flashback Delay and arena reverb into the H9 into Jamman stereo into 2 amps – a div/13 RSA23 and a vintage Superchamp which is a great tapestry for the H9s splendid power.

PS the I-os is a revolutionary step forward- excellent job