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Mat Conboy

1. Use a standard 'Boss' style power plug. I hate carting lots of power supplies. Possible battery? Playing busking gigs with the H9 is limited unless you have thought it through. Just let me use a battery for 3-4hrs. How about LiPo…and charge it from USB???

2. The crazy amount of algorithms makes for hours of playing and searching. Sometimes all I wanna do is put an 'astrix' on it. Not have to scroll and 'save' to a location. I just wanna click a 'star' logo perhaps. When I then go back to the 200 bloody algorithms I can easily see which sounds I liked and want to work with. Kinda like 'flagging' an email before you file it.

3. Saving presets via the Control to locations on the H9 and having to scroll down the '0-99' wheel is a PITA. Is there a better way?

4. Can't remember.