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Cool idea.  A number of algorithms already feature some variation on a freeze function.  When I bought the (original) EHX Freeze pedal, I was amazed at the sheer number of unique effects that I could pull off with such a deceptively simple device.  Totally unexpected, and more than a 'one-trick pony'.

I've looked into the SuperEgo for the added glissando effects.  I wonder if the PitchFlex algorithm could me modified for a freeze effect.  I can see how that might have to compete with the normal Flex switch function.  But the glide, glide rate, and glide envelope curves are there already.

This (very loosely) fits in with another 'wish list' feature request that I had in mind for PitchFlex: Chromatic pitch shifts.  A Flex shift between H and T destinations locked to distinct note values; over the times defined by the Delay knobs.  Currently, I do this with an EHX 8 Step Program sequencer controlling one of the PitchFactor algos, but it'd be convenient to do 'natively'.