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hi, thanks for your fast response, but could you tell me what that information means? the first five digits is the total time that the equipment have since it left the factory? and the last 3 digits the time the equipment was on (IN USE) am I wrong? the manual didnt explains it. I am asking because is very expensive piece of gear and I want to know if the unit was used too much or not, we didnt have eventide service in Argentina and its imposible to send it here, the customs didnt authorize.

I am worried because when you turn it the equipment it made some clicks noise when checking systems, programs etc, Is it normal? its the same clicks that the equiment do when you change the rate resolution from, 44.1 to 96 for example 

Also, the equipment was purchased used in Guitar Center and when I tried to register the system dont let me, could you please help me how to do it?

You help is priceless! 

Thank you!