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Mesa Man


I have also Musicom Lab EFX mkIII and I have also some problems with midi connections.

To Leifer:

Please check Eventide YouTube tutorial videos concerning Factor-series stompboxes. I found them very helpful although I still have some "minor" issues. Wink

Description: I have all three Factor series stompboxes. They are connected in Musicom loops 5-7. Pitch in 5, Mod in 6 and Time in 7. Midi cable goes first from Musicom to Time->Pitch->Mod. I have done the worldclock setup to on and it is functioning with tap tempo in all stompboxes. Conclusion from this is that misi signal goes thru, right? I have done the output xmit/thru setup according the Youtube tutorials.

I have programmed the first 2 banks in all 3 stompboxes to be my favourite sounds and the goal is to use these 12 sounds and mix different combinations out of them via Musicom Lab. Now I have managed to program the first device (TimeFactor) vie Musicom Lab, but the 2nd and 3rd stompbox are not acting right and they wont obey the orders from Musicom Lab even the 1 st box does.

I have set the Timefactor input to be on ch. 1, Pitch on ch. 2 and Mod on ch. 3. Pitch is in transmit mode and it+s midi output is set to ch. 3 -> for Modfactor.

Where do I go wrong and how can I get the 2nd and 3rd box to obey the Musicom´s midi orders`?

Yours truly,